Professional Photography of Newborns in Bratislava and Vienna


We’ll be happy to create the first and unique photos of the newborn, which will become a part of the family history. Photoshoot is conducted in a home environment, where everything is comfortable and safe. We’ll bring a collection of props: baskets, plaids, figures, hats, windings and lace bodykits.

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

When is the photo session held?

The ideal time for a photo session of the newborn is 5-21 days. It is during this period that the child sleeps more time and you can make various beautiful compositions with him. As children grow older, they become more restless, they are easily awakened and the task of the photographer becomes much more complicated.

How to sign up for a photo shoot?

It’s better to book a day for shooting at least a month ahead of the expected date of birth. We perfectly understand the specifics of the newborn’s photography, therefore we always remain in touch. At any time you can call and adjust the day and time of our meeting depending on the birthday of your baby.

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